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If a
FOWT is installed in Korea, Korea will be the 4th country in the world. Mastek is doing that.

Necessity of the business

In Korea, the onshore wind power equipment industry has been activated to a certain level. But, in case of the offshore wind turbine, the business has been limited to fixed type, thus widening the gap in the technology between Korea and developed countries. Therefore, if we do not make much investment in the FOWT, it would be almost impossible for us to enter the make of floating offshore wind power generation equipment. The measures are needed.

Types of FOWT depending on the change in the sea depth and their core technology
TLP (Tension Leg Platform) Type which uses the tension of mooring line
Semi-submergible Type which uses both the buoyance of the floating materials to the mooring system
  • - Good stability
  • - Proper for the wind turbine system platform for the medium-depth
  • - A need of thecompetitive standard model to be developed (preparing to apply for patent.)
Spar Buoy Safety assurance type which applies the deep draft of spar buoy