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MASTEK Heavy Industries Co., Ltd has the optimal location as a shipbuilding company for the marine transportation and logistics.

It is close to the downtown of Busan and is located in Youngdo, which is the mecca of shipbuilding.
As its location has easy access to Busan Bridge and Youngdo Bridge, it has the best location as the company specializing in the marine transportation, logistics and shipbuilder.

  • Located within 3 km from Busan Port (North Port) which is the largest port in Korea (5th largest port in the world) (or 30km away from New Port)
  • As it is also located 4km away from Busan Railway Station, it has good access to railway transportation means. In addition, as it has good access to Jungbu and Gyeongbu Expressways and is located 17km away from Gimhae International Airport, it has good location for the convenient inland and air transportation.
  • With the opening of the Busan Port Bride in May 204, it has better access to Shinseondae and Gamman container ports, Gwangan Bridge, and Busan-Ulsan Expressway.