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Mastek Heavy Industries has good location that it can accept various kinds of ships for repair.

Having a wide yard, it has the locational conditions in which it can accept various kinds of ships.
For the efficient work, it makes the systematic facility management based on the virtual scenario.

Guide on facilities
Classification Description Area Remarks
Location Daepyeong-dong 1-ga and 2-ga, Youngdo-gu, Busan 16,500㎡
building Main building 1,380㎡ 1
Design factory 1,800㎡ 2
Subtotal 3,180㎡
Crane Gantery Crane 70t x 1 3
Jib Crane 30t x 1 4
Tower Crane 12t x 1 9
Building berth Building berth No. 1 (for building or repair ships) 27.6m x 120m 5
Building berth No. 2 (for building or repair ships) 24.6m x 120m 6
Quay wall Quay Wall No. 1 7
Quay Wall No. 2 8
Others other structure, machinery and supplies, etc.
Building anchorage and quay wall (port)