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The shipyard of Mastek Heavy Industries has two slipways and two quays. By operating these facilities at the same time, it is possible to build 8 ships and repair 60 ships a year.

We have a variety of facilities & equipment required for newbuilding and repair of ships. We are ready to provide various services with these equipment & facilities.

  • - Gantry crane
  • - Jib crane
  • - Tower crane
  • 70t (+40ton)x1
  • 30t x1
  • 12t x1
Hauling Winch
  • - Hauling Winch
  • - Rope Reel Winch
  • 185KW X6P(18.5m/min)
  • 15KW X6P(18.5m/min)
Compressor Main Air Compressor with
Control Panel
500KW x 2
Bogie & Sheave  For 24/28mm wire rope
  • 24mm x 2,000M
  • 28mm x 6,000M
  • Gantry Crane
  • Hauling Winch
  • Air Compressor
  • Bogie