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If a FOWT is installed in Korea, Korea will be the 4th country in the world. Mastek is doing that.

Core technologies for the FOWT
  1. Stability of the structure
    • - Analysis of stability to the change in the external environmental conditions and the control technology
    • - Technologies for installation and separation for protecting the system in ultimate conditions such as storm
  2. Power generation equipment
    • - Dynamic load analysis technology connecting floating structure to the upper power generation equipment (IEC61400-3-2)
    • - Control technology of the floating wind turbine
  3. Mooring of the floating structure
    • - The technology securement of evaluating the soil foundation for the mooring of the floating structures.
    • - Technology of evaluating the mooring system for the floating structures through the water tub test
  4. Stable posture control
    • - Technology to control the stable posture in marine environment
    • - Coupling technology between upper power generation equipment, floating structure and fluid for the integral stability
  5. Optimization of power generation complex
    • - Optimum site selection for maximum output
    • - Securing the efficient construction technology
    • - Reliability through securing of performance evaluation technology, and establishment and verification of technology
Advantages of Product / Technology
  • Small and Medium
    The capacity of this floating wind power is the small and medium sized facility. As it is bigger than the small size (1000KW), it can be more easily converted to the medium or large sized capacity with the application of design and production technology.
  • Function of Design and production
    for Korean model
    It is possible to design and produce Korean model with the development of technology through technology for floating fluid design and integrated load calculation, as well as the control system for exclusive wind power generation equipment and the development of motion reduction type mooring system, thus significantly narrowing the gap in technology with advanced countries.