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If a FOWT is installed in Korea, Korea will be the 4th country in the world. Mastek is doing that.

  1. Independence in technology of the wind turbine
    - If the domestic or overseas markets are formed, the localization of the parts related to the wind turbine can be gradually made, thus developing, activating and localizing the wind turbine parts industry.
  2. Securing and developing the technology for offshore wind turbine industry and onshore wind turbine industry
    - The development strategy of the wind power generation system in the wind power industry in Korea is the gradual development from 0.75 → 2 ~ 7 → 15 MW mainly focusing on the supplier of the wind power generation system. By promoting this, it can contribute to the development of the onshore wind turbine industry as well as securing the technology for offshore floating and fixed wind turbine industry.
  3. Strengthening the competitiveness of Korean type floating wind turbine
    - Through this study, it is possible to build a design basis for Korean floating wind turbine facilities and further enhance the competitiveness in the field of manufacturing, transporting and installing the products using the world's best class marine heavy equipment.